Dating my friends mom

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Finding parent friends can be just as fraught and unnerving as dating, so I spoke to two authors who wrote books about parenting and friendship, and to parents from all over the country, about how to find new friends as a parent.I've been holding this back for months, and just I can't take it anymore. At first, it looked small, but when we got inside there was 45 rows of seats in 4 sets.I figured that my little brother (who couldn’t have been more than 7 at the time) would marry their daughter, a precocious 5-year-old that made him a bit crazy.

It’s like when you hung out with a group of people in high school and everyone was expected to pair up. You really have to want it to take the next step and go out together without the kids.Why can’t we move on from waving high to one another as we drive down the street to sharing some Mu Shu Pork around a table?I believe it starts with the moms and I’ve noticed it’s a lot like dating. Just ask the three mom friends that have known me since I’ve been 12/13.I thought it went well, so I asked, “Want to go out for coffee sometime? You both seem to need friends.”I never went out with her sister.But by continuing to make my neediness known and asking moms online and offline out for dates, I did find my friends (and I stopped bragging to my toddler about my degrees).

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