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Women previously wore a uniform similar to the Service Dress Blue uniform but with a white coat and skirt or trousers.

Officer's rank insignia consisted of lacing on the sleeves in the same manner as on the blue uniform, while CPOs wore rank insignia pins on the lapels of the jacket.

Commissioned and warrant officers wear a cap badge of the U. shield and eagle in silver upon gold crossed anchors; CPOs wear a single fouled anchor.

The combination cover's chinstrap is gold for commissioned and warrant officers, narrower gold for midshipmen, and black for CPOs.

The trousers for the uniform are flared as "bell bottoms".They are also commonly worn when traveling in official capacity, or when reporting to a command. They are seasonal, with the white uniform worn in summer and the blue in winter.Service Dress Blue may be worn year round for travel only.However, beginning in October 2015, Service Dress White jumpers were changed to feature navy blue piping on cuffed sleeves, stars and navy blue piping on the collar, and a yoke, making it a 'photo-negative' of the Service Dress Blue jumper.Ribbons are worn with these uniforms over the top left pocket opening, along with qualification or warfare insignia.

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