Dating for motorcyclists

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How could I ask someone I claim to love to give up something that provides him such a profound sense of identity and peace? Not everyone who rides has this feeling, and not every partnership arrives at the same conclusion, but in my house, embracing his hobby was a decision I had to make once (because it would be too easy to talk myself out of).After a year of burning with jealousy over his road trips, his gear, his earnestness, the utter freedom of it all (and the fact that for him, riding a motorcycle doesn’t mean staring at the back of a helmet), I ended up with an M on my license.Speaking of which…The only thing bikers love doing more than talking about bikes is working on bikes.That’s good, since regular inspection and maintenance, including checking essential lines and fluids before every trip, is an important part of bike safety.To help you navigate these tricky waters, here are some tips to remember if you decide to take a risk, and date a motorcyclist.One of the key aspects of learning to ride a motorcycle is that the student can’t wait to become the teacher.On the other hand it means he or she isn’t likely to be the clingy type.

At the very least, you’ll learn how to become a safe and responsible passenger on everything from all-day excursions into the wilderness to short drives to a friend’s house.

They know where every bolt is (or which ones they can live without), what every piston should sound like, the exact air pressure their tires should be at, and more.

Be prepared for your partner to have very dirty hands at times, or spend long hours in the garage tinkering, cleaning, or just bonding with their bikes. All that maintenance, all that attention to detail, all that conversation about bikes results in one big truth: You’ll always be competing for affection with the bike. That can lead to some hurt feelings as the rider prioritises a hunk of machinery over you from time to time.

So stop wasting your time searching - meet your biker match today and you'll be on the road in no time! Just ask Mike and Barbie, who met on Biker Planet and were married in February, 2016 in Las Vegas!

Though in the beginning I tended to brush off his enthusiasm, thinking it was “just a hobby,” I’ve come to understand what having a “passion” really means. Before dating a motorcyclist, I honestly never noticed them much beyond the occasional jolt of recognition when one sped past me on a highway. The best way to get people to “Watch for Motorcycles” is to make everyone date a motorcyclist.

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