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You loved The 6 Annoying Dating Habits of Middle Eastern Men, and since I’m all for equality this sequel was only fair.1) When you first met her at a club she seemed like the most outgoing fun-loving party girl who wanted to grab life by its horns. Fast forward to two dates later and she’s dropping the “M Bomb” on you. She brought up marriage so casually, practically implying it’s a condition. 4) Drama, we live for it, attract it, crave it, create it, and when all else fails, imagine it.At the opposite, these women are looking for a man who is not only loyal and faithful but who is also family oriented. My man will be very happy to know that I am a good cook and I like to do it. I am a very loving, tender, caring lady, for whom family always stands on the first place.This is the main reason why so many Eastern European women are seeking a husband abroad. I am open-minded, sincere and honest, I believe that you should treat the people the way you want to be treat... I love people and trust them in spite of any things.You’re on a conservative trip and you expect her to cover-up.

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Whether they found him and later divorced or are still hoping to find him locally…

If you don’t then you’re either cheap or poor and both won’t do.

It’s pretty straight forward 6) No you can not be friends with your ex-girlfriend or any other female friend for that matter even if she’s married with kids. And all your male friends need to pass a screen test where she will filter them out and decide which ones will do and which will not.

Just like Australia is known for its Kangaroos, we Middle Eastern women are known for our soap opera-like tantrums when things don’t go our way. Nod and agree (and nod) with everything she says and pray for the shit storm to pass.

As a rule of thumb, NEVER attempt to win an argument; you will be annihilated for the mere act of trying. 5) Part of what makes you a gentleman is your ability to finance everything.

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