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I don’t want to move in together because we’d end up staying in separate rooms all the time just to get along. I know we’re in love, but love doesn’t always mean forever. Anything could happen and then we’re stuck trying to figure out who keeps what. I’m not saying I’m ready to get married, but I refuse to let living together serve as a substitute for marriage. Keeping things like this for now doesn’t mean the relationship is going nowhere. Crystal Crowder Crystal Crowder is a freelance writer and blogger.

It’s usually many years later, after an unplanned pregnancy or if they have a child that starts asking questions. Let’s face it, relationships are better with a little space sometimes. I guess I’m the odd ball out, but I’m perfectly happy with the way we are now. You didn’t even ask about moving in together until your friends and parents started making a big deal of it. I’m sure as hell not putting my stuff in storage to make room for yours. I won’t be pressured into living together and if you don’t like, move on.

That’s because her actions and facial expressions will show you everything you want to know regarding how she feels about you.

Whatever the case may be, if you go for what you want and don’t apologize for taking charge – most women will respect you. And respect is incredibly important if you later want to pursue a casual or serious relationship with her.

Even when she clearly gives you all the signs that she wants you to do that and is waiting for you to take action.

And women DO NOT respect guys who are afraid to make a move. Below, I’ll show you what the main signs she wants you to notice her are and reveal how you can take advantage of them to finally make your move.

At worst, she’ll think you’re just a wussy who’s too afraid to make a move and is clueless about women.You see, during the date, missing a girl’s signals can lead to a lot of awkwardness.Especially when a girl likes you and But you don’t realize these signals and completely blow it by being too passive, and not taking the chance!I know it’s what everyone expects, but I’m me, not everyone else. I bought it because it was the perfect amount of space for me. I need to be alone sometimes and living together isn’t going to work. I don’t want you in my bed when I’m pissed or interrupting me while I’m busy reading. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live with you — here’s why: I like my own routine. I don’t want to have to change everything just because you want to share a space together. Now, just because I love you, I’m supposed to either share or move out?

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