Dating between catholics and protestants

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Both parties must agree to raise the children Catholic and have them baptized as soon as possible (under pain of mortal sin).There may be more requirements but I am unsure, and not an expert on Canon Law.Correct me if I am wrong, catholics are christians.I believe I have a stronge relationship with Christ. Because there are a few different practices than the other dominations, do Catholics believe they cannot be yoked with non denominational christians?However, through a series of what can only be described as miracles, I entered the Church.

The Catholic Church can seem harsh when one examines the above rules, but they are NOT rules that were made by men who want people to obey arbitrary rules.I love some of the practices of the Catholic church, I believe it is a great church.I would like to know more about it, but I feel like there is a pressure one should not have by basically saying do or die. I’ve ran into many people who are catholics and have had conversations with them about this subject.The answer is simple: the Protestant is using the Bible, isolated from history and the context of what it is saying, to make interpretations.The Catholic uses the Bible, in conjunction with history and its historical context within history, to draw conclusions.

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