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Irina Zverava (Vitebsk) - 1Hi, my name is Bobby Burney.I have started a correspondence with a lady from Belarus. After reading some of the articles on your website I am sure she is a scammer. Below is her name, address and email addresses she has. In Belarus very beautiful nature: it is a lot of woods and rivers. I am the Russian woman, but I live in Belarus, in beautiful and very old city of Vitebsk. 18 years I lived in Latvia where now there live my native.

At this page of our resource devoted to the Russian scammers that we know of you can try to determine if your correspondent is a dating scammer by typing in his city and comparing it with the city's which are in our constantly updated database.Getting a date for yourself is no big deal, but when it comes to getting married, there are hundreds of obstacles that come in your way.You literally have to check each and every thing about the person you love, before you transform her into your wife.The couple may enjoy each other s spontaneity and energy.He says I m insecure and he wants someone who is confident.

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