Dating a drug user

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Addiction also causes a person to act compulsively where they cannot control their dangerous behavior or stop engaging in it, sometimes even when they want to.

There are many ways to recognize when a person’s behavior, whether it is associated with substance abuse or not, has become harmful and compulsive.

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Depending on your background and how much you understand about the disease of addiction, reactions will vary.

Addiction is a very specific condition that causes people to act differently than they would otherwise.

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If the person you’re dating really likes playing poker online, it’s not likely that they are addicted to gambling.In addition, behavioral addictions can cause people to act strangely as well and to also engage in many of the actions listed below.Some common behavioral signs of addiction that you may notice in someone you are dating include: Not all of these signs are definite indicators of addiction, but noticing one or more of them consistently can point to a severe issue.Many people enjoy getting intoxicated once in a while, but if your significant other is constantly showing signs of drug or alcohol use, there is a possibility they might be addicted.Some of the common signs of intoxication include: According to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, “If a person shows a combination of several signs, or has a sudden change in behavior, that could be a strong indication that the person is intoxicated.” However, one of the stronger signs of addiction is when the individual you are dating seems to be intoxicated constantly.

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