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If the player to move has no legal move, the game is over; the result is either checkmate (a loss for the player with no legal move) if the king is in check, or stalemate (a draw) if the king is not. In the diagrams, the dots mark the squares to which the piece can move if there are no intervening piece(s) of either color (except the knight, which leaps over any intervening pieces).

Once in every game, each king can make a special move, known as castling.

Many national chess organizations have a title system of their own.

FIDE also organizes the Women's World Championship, the World Junior Championship, the World Senior Championship, the Blitz and Rapid World Championships, and the Chess Olympiad, a popular competition among international teams.

One of these, Chess960, has gained widespread popularity as well as some FIDE recognition.

The game is played by millions of people worldwide.

Chess is believed to be derived from the Indian game chaturanga sometime before the 7th century.

The objective is to checkmate the opponent's king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture.

To this end, a player's pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent's pieces, while supporting each other.

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