Dangers of internet dating sites

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"They had apparently been dating for one or two months, so it's not as if she broke the obvious safety rules like going somewhere alone with him on a first date.

It's unclear whether she knew about his criminal history of misdemeanor violence, but even if she did, it would not be reasonable to think that would be a tip-off that he's a depraved killer.” "For example, it's not uncommon for a man who has a history of violence with other men in bar brawls or other disputes to be completely appalled at the idea of striking a woman," she added.

Unlike singles in the '70s, who cruised bars and discos and risked looking for love in all the wrong places, tens of millions of singles each day join and log on to online dating sites with the belief that their efforts to find love and companionship are safe and secure.

But the apparent murder and dismemberment of Ingrid Lyne, a 40-year-old Seattle-area mother of three, has sent shockwaves throughout the cyber-romance world, with many begging the question: Is anyone safe?

They don't realize that not everyone is on any given app or site for exactly the same purpose and even if that had been the case, that doesn't remove the validity of the notion of consent.

The biggest dangers to my personal safety did not however come from people registered on a dating app or site. It came from people who sneakily approached me through social media.


And because they know you know people who knows them, in more cases tgan not, they will think twice before doing something awful to you because it would too easily come back to bite them.

Especially if personal information such as phone numbers, last names and Facebook profiles have been exchanged, you might be in more danger than you realize.

Regardless of your gender, whether you are looking for the love of your life, for a short-lived fun time with a new friendly face or a simple one-night stand, the danger is in the fact that it's easier to hide one's true motives and personal flaws online than it is to do so when you meet through a more traditional medium.

On the other hand, someone who approached you online, no matter what route they took (dating site or app, Facebook friend request sent using a fake name or fake profile altogether, social networks supposedly dedicated to professional life) may be more of a threat to you than you realize.

I will focus on the sorts of threats I have personally been faced with but you should keep in mind that others (like being set up to be robbed) are a possibility.

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