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This sin is a stain on the Church, and it can only be cleansed through justice, which is precisely why we have sought to be diligent in these matters.

The Diocese has immediately and consistently reported to Child Protective Services upon learning of any abuse.

In total, we reviewed 115,216 files, encompassing over 221,855 pages, that covered 70 years.

Within this process, after files were being submitted to the police, the Diocese discovered additional files, identified by Detective Clark as an “additional 51 pages” in the affidavit.

Here is Bishop Burns’ full response to the Dallas Police affidavit: On May 15, 2019, the Dallas Police Department, supported by an affidavit sworn to by Detective David Clark, executed a search warrant on three properties related to the Diocese of Dallas.

While there are a number of technical issues in the affidavit that will be addressed by lawyers and the Dallas Police Department, I feel a need to respond, as a shepherd of this Diocese, to many of the larger claims and implications made within that affidavit.

For this reason, I have prepared a document that shows in detail an outline of the many misstatements made in the affidavit and reported in the media when the affidavit was made public,” Bishop Burns said. Paredes detectives are investigating at least five additional allegations of child abuse against other suspects. “In furtherance of these investigations today we obtained and executed multiple search warrants to collect any data or documentation of previous reports or records of abuse that may be held by the Dallas Catholic Diocese.” Major Geron said Dallas detectives are “working to complete a through investigation into each allegation – independent of any other entity – to ensure that each victim has a voice within the legal system.” In the video post on the Diocese website, Bishop Burns lays out his case, saying he believes the affidavit that sparked the investigation into allegations of sexual abuse by priests is filled with factual errors.

Even before the release of our list, the Diocese of Dallas was actively engaged with the Dallas Police Department concerning names that would appear on the list, so that the Department would be aware of the names and could act before its release.

Detective Clark himself notes this: “The purpose of the meetings was to reveal the names of the credibly accused priests to police personnel before the list was made public.” Moreover, particularly with respect to the names noted in the affidavit, the Diocese has handed over the files of each of those men.

It has done this because it wants to see these men brought to justice.

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