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Meanwhile, Leonard is starting to talk dirty to Priya on Skype again, until she informs him that her parents are with her and they stare at him sternly. (Penny tries to close door) As a man with a keen sense of style, I must tell you, that chair does not work with the room. Outside the building, Howard and Raj find Penny's discarded chair out on the curb. Leonard: (Referring to his Skype date with Priya) You know, some people might say that it’s great that we’re trying to make things work long distance.

The next day, Howard shows Leonard a machine with motion sensors that can be used to simulate kissing.

The last time he tries, Penny brings the chair's cushion to the door and he freaks out.

In bed, Leonard is chatting online with Priya, and is unsuccessfully trying to talk dirty.

Amy changes her mind and asks Sheldon if he wants to hear her play her harp.

He declines, since he worries that harp music will cause him to have a flashback.

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