Cuddle buddy dating

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Ultimately, I decided not to respond to any of them.

It wasn't just because I did this all for a story, but also because I'm a bit of a heartbreaker (if I do say so myself), and I wouldn't want to lead anyone on.

The most important questions are obviously do you have Netflix (I prefer not to host), and what do you like to watch before bed?

Oh, and I can bring extra teddy bears if you want, haha. As I sifted through these responses in my inbox, I realized the absolute irony of it all: I put out an ad because I needed someone to cuddle with, but it seems as though these men need a cuddle partner more than I ever did.

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I guess cuddling is for VIP guests because we might even be more vulnerable in little-spoon position than we are screaming mid-orgasm (I suggested "cuddle with a stranger" to my coworkers, and even they got the heebie-jeebies from thinking about being THAT emotionally intimate with someone they hardly know).I'm not looking for sex just another body to be around.I'm very interested.29 years old, fit, recently out of an LTR, also not looking for sex or love, but interested in a cuddle partner.Cuffing season makes me question my singledom (OK, I do that already, but it makes me uber introspective).It would be nice to have a boyfriend, but what I want to invest in is a solid cuddle buddy.

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