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For now I'll leave it as it is but going forward I'll use the new format for subsequent ASP. The project also makes use of the newest EF Core so it's all running on the edge of the . EF Core Code First is great but the tooling is still rough around the edges.Some things are not there or some of them are not feature complete.In this post, I’ll detail what client libraries are available, as well as show code samples for each of them. It has support for Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, Postgre SQL, My SQL, Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition, and IBM DB2 with more to come, such as Oracle. Azure Document DB is a No SQL database service built for fast and predictable performance, high availability, automatic scaling, and ease of development. Raven DB is a document database that is not only compatible with . Data Stax is a C# driver for Cassandra with built-in support for mapping Cassandra data to CLR objects. The offical Couchbase client library is compatible with . Couch DB is a document database that I personally like a lot for its simplicity.Entity Framework is Microsoft’s Object-Relational Mapper for . NET Core, is a lightweight and extensible version of Entity Framework that works on both . What follows is an example of EF Core code accessing a blog’s database. The Microsoft SQL Server client library is built into . You don’t have to use an ORM, and can instead go directly to the metal and talk to a SQL Server instance or to an Azure SQL database using the same APIs from the package. Another interesting library for Postgre SQL that is compatible with . Marten uses Postgre SQL storage to implements a document database. There’s another SQLite package that’s compatible with . Firebird is a mature relational database with a small footprint. Its flexible data model, consistent low latencies, and rich query capabilities make it a great fit for web, mobile, gaming, Io T, and many other applications that need seamless scale. Document DB databases can now be used as the data store for apps written for Mongo DB. It can scale from small devices such as a Raspberry Pi to cloud applications.if existing database compatible new one, using that.

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In other words, EF Core tools can't run against a class library. This is where you can add new tables, columns etc to your code-first model.

So my problem in this instance was working with migrations against an existing database and model.

In the old EF6x world, I could use this command: to setup my first migration script against the existing database and data.

Yes Sql is an interesting library that implements a transactional document database on top of relational stores such as SQL Server. The team has put a lot of work into the new version of Lucene to implement new features and major improvements, and they also made it compatible with . It’s still early, but prerelease packages will soon be available.

OLE DB has been a great way to access various data sources in a uniform manner, but it was based on COM, which is a Windows-only technology, and as such was not the best fit for a cross-platform technology such as . It is also unsupported in SQL Server versions 2014 and later.

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