Convalidating uk degrees spain

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It may be also necessary that he or she enroll in additional educational courses, pass technical exams and the TOEFL, among other procedures.The state department or office whose branch relates to that particular profession is the party that grants the license.The majority of technical, post-graduate and doctorate degrees require a license from the state where the person is seeking employment.Before doing that, the applicant must first validate the degrees obtained in his or her native country.Additionally, the applicant must present his or her credentials before an agency accredited by the Board of Accountancy, posses a license from an unaccredited school (from his native country) and demonstrate that they have completed a pre-determined amount of semester hours in accounting and business.Lastly, the applicant will have to pass the Uniform CPA Examination in order to obtain his or her state license.Then they should complete the second year of the Residency Program, among other steps.

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PROCEDURE FOR LAWYERS The foreign lawyer needs to attend Law School in the United States in order to obtain a diploma.

He or she must also validate the titles and certification they achieved at their country of origin.

They can go to any public notary or directly to the School Board office to notarize the original diploma.

They should then submit the results of their evaluation, a certified copy of their diploma, and a request for certification along with the corresponding fee.

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