Consolidating local government services

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The 2019 agenda includes 15 trade missions and seven trademark-promoting events to enhance service support for exporters.Authorities will ensure the participation of at least 50 enterprises in foreign specialised exhibitions and organise six national stands carrying enterprise diagnostics, including business process analysis, products and product demand, as well as marketing and promoting products abroad, said Kabykenov.“Every entrepreneur will be able to receive services related to exports, as well as submit an application for participation in trade and economic missions.Today, New York City reflects the centralisation process undertaken during the La Guardia era during his systemic reforms to root out Tammany Hall corruption in the 1930s.Despite the fact that community boards were introduced in the post-1950s, the system itself has been bound by the La Guardia era reforms.

The ministry sees a number of opportunities for local companies to invite inspection commissions from China, Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to certify their products, which it feels should “simplify access to [foreign] markets.” In the same vein, it suggests organising meetings this year between Kazakh producers and large foreign buyers such as Auchan (the European Union, Russia), Metro (China, Middle East, Russia), Migros (Turkey), Vanguard, Wumart (China) and Yonghui (China).The main goods should potentially be machine-building industry, food, dairy and construction materials products.The chief Kazakh manufacturing exporters currently produce steel alloy rods, shaped and special profiles, pipes and seamless profiles and other metallurgy products.More City Mayors ranks the world’s largest as well as richest cities and urban areas.It also ranks the cities in individual countries, and provides a list of the capital cities of some 200 sovereign countries.

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