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Those preparing to become professors must enroll in strong education programs themselves.

This section includes information on the programs that prepare hopeful postsecondary teachers for their career.

During their graduate years, students who want to become professors should participate in an assistantship program at their school, which is a kind of financial aid that allows students to get full or partial tuition remission and a stipend as they gain work experience under the supervision of a professor.

In some cases, students may also be able to earn graduate credit hours toward their degree when they participate in an assistantship.

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In order to successfully compete for professor positions, people should obtain post-doctoral experience. Post-doctoral jobs are generally positions at a college or university that last two or three years. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2017 the median salary for professors was ,000 a year, with the bottom ten percent earning around ,000 and the top ten percent earning 0,160.Those who want to teach in scientific disciplines, such as biological science, chemistry, and physics, may be expected to have this type of experience in order to land a position. There are several factors that go into how much professors earn, including the type of institution they work for. Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the growth for professors will be 15 percent between 20, which is faster growth than the average of all other occupations.For example, professors at private colleges and universities earn a median income of ,170 and those at state schools earn ,340. The reason for this boom in professor jobs can be attributed to the expected increase in students who will be seeking higher education in the coming years.In addition, available jobs at public colleges and universities will be closely tied to state budgets.Also, different academic disciplines will see different rates of growth.

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