Chris lowell dating anyone

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He first appears in Flight of the Living Dead as a member of the Max Rager skydiving crew and possible suspect in the death of Holly White.

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Well, i never doubted the fact that Christopher was gay, but then did'nt care either.Here's the weird thing: We have absolutely no idea. Just try to find information about Lowell's love life. After his role on Veronica Mars, Piz — sorry, sorry, Lowell — starred on Private Practice for three whole seasons.(Unsurprisingly, Lowell's character Dell met a tragic fate at the end of the third season.He outs Liv as a zombie and admits that he himself is one.He goes on to explain how adrenaline rush sent him into full-on zombie mode right before jumping out of the plane, which is why he insisted that Holly jump before him and also why he did not immediately meet up with the rest of the skydiving group upon landing safely on the ground.

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