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He noted that luckily, "people don’t want to publicly post offensive content if their name is attached to it, especially in a small community like Dartmouth."When asked if the prospective students in the Harvard private meme chat deserved to have their acceptance letters revoked, however, many college meme group admins were torn.

All agreed that the content sounded horrible and the would-be students deserved some sort of punishment, but several questioned whether kicking them out of the class of 2021 was the right move. They should have known better, but I still empathize with them," said George Iskander, a cofounder of Yale's meme group.

However, the founder of the group wanted to make it clear that the main Harvard meme group had nothing to do with the type of content being traded by the former incoming freshman."I know no one from the incident," she said, noting that she has removed offensive content from the main group in the past, but "nowhere near the level of obscenity of the private group chat memes."In order to gain acceptance into the private meme group chat, prospective Harvard students had to prove themselves by posting borderline offensive content into the main class of 2021 Facebook group.

That said, he would be quick to remove anything that's blatantly racist or advocating a crime, he said.

He admonished the type of content they allegedly traded, but said, "Losing an acceptance is a huge thing...

I hope they learn and improve through this.""I suspect there will be a big debate if Harvard has the right to rescind offers based on purely non-academic non-Harvard-affiliated activities," Ye said.

Students used the group chat to share offensive content that would have gotten them banned from the main class of 2021 Facebook group.

Memes traded in the group reportedly mocked sexual assault, pedophilia, the Holocaust and children's deaths.

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