Changing updating hard drive

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However, computers that are several years old might instead support a data connection called IDE.You can easily tell the difference between the two because an IDE connection uses numerous pins, while SATA uses a pin-less L-shaped connector.However, the hard drive is one of the most critical components in your system because it stores all of your information.

Desktop computer hard drives are usually placed in the lower front half of a mid-tower enclosure and are attached using between two and six screws.

This rule isn’t absolute, however, because some all-in-one computers use 2.5″ drives.

The process of installing a new hard drive is one of the least difficult hardware installation procedures around in terms of the physical effort required.

You can, however, still clone your old drive to your new one.

This is possible by connecting your new drive to your PC with a USB-to-SATA cable or an external hard drive dock.

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