Can 17 year old get trouble dating 14 year old

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You are also responsible for providing your son with any necessary medical treatment.

You have the right to choose what treatments he should or should not receive.

Not only are you financially responsible for your son, but you also have control over many aspects of his life.

Depending on the laws in your state, this can happen if your child petitions the court requesting emancipation, if he gets married or if he joins the military.

If your 17-year-old son has been granted an order of emancipation, he's considered an adult so you would no longer be able to exercise your rights as a parent.

There are cases where the court can terminate a parent's rights to his child, including removing a child from a parent's custody to protect him from harm or to make it possible for another adult, such as a stepparent, to adopt him.

Personally I guess it would for me, for some reason seems less likely that the 30 year old woman is going to prey on the young man, vs the original situation.

I'm more worldly and open minded than the people here If this is you, what I would say is be careful and be pragmatic.

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