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I always feel fortunate and happy that I am getting to learn every day and I have the means to understand from my mistakes and attempt it once more.

I am grateful about that, rather than looking at it that way that the industry has not tapped in my potential.” actor said, “To see if I can pull it off… as an actor, I had to learn everything and understand what the meaning is, whatever little bit acting I know I think if you don’t understand the line, how can you really express it.

I think one doesn't need to rise "above" dating and sex.

Even if you stick to those topics, you can create beautiful films and shows.

While it is being speculated that the duo wanted to keep their relationship under wraps, some onlookers may have spilt the beans!

Certain bystanders have been alleging that Bhumi has often been spotted stepping into Jackky’s car post her workout sessions!

His shorts for Bombay Talkies and Lust Stories were both pretty good.

Both the actors have recently come out of break-ups.She told the media: “If my boyfriend cheats on me, he won’t live to see the next day.” .The film is being directed by Shilpi Dasgupta and Sonakshi revealed that working with a female director is a different kind of experience because a woman has her own way of looking at things.The actor also revealed that she had once dated a celebrity, someone, who was part of mainstream Hindi cinema and she managed to hide it from the rest of the world.Sonakshi was quoted saying, “My parents want me to date a ‘ and no one from the Bollywood film industry is like that.

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