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Danny is smart, handsome, popular, and blind-- and not just physically. Even his sexy therapist can't keep her clothes on around Danny.After a series of painful blind dates set up by his brother, Danny falls for a young Indian woman named Leeza, and finally everything seems picture perfect.But when cultures clash, and Leeza reveals that she's been promised to someone Films for the hearing impaired Films for people with visual disabilities Comedy Romance Comedy films Drama Feature films Fiction films Romantic comedy films Video recordings for people with visual disabilities Teatro James Keach; Costa Theo; Christopher Theo; Chris Pine; Eddie Kaye Thomas; Anjali Jay; Stephen Tobolowsky; Jane Seymour; Samuel Goldwyn Films (Firm); Milcoz Films (Firm); Catfish Productions (1997- ); Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inc.

On top of cheesy lines like “you’re a guinea not a guinea pig,” and over-the-top characters (see dating montage), the writers never thought to develop the one compelling romance at the heart of the storyline.

Of course, you’d have to be legally blind to pick this film off the shelf considering its blink-and-you missed-it theatrical run and that the resumes of the two headlining stars consist of smashes like Just my Luck, American Wedding and Freddy Got Fingered.

Chris Pine gives a surprisingly convincing performance as Danny, a blind twenty-two year old who has learned to accept his condition but not his virginity (think At First Sight meets American Pie).

Even the realistic brotherly chemistry between Pine and Thomas can’t save the flick, which isn’t too surprising considering most of their scenes together also include prostitutes or horrible one-liners.

Unless you’re looking for some quality unintentional comedy, Blind Dating isn’t worth seeing.

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