Bill rancic dating show

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In the end, the producers ultimately picked Andrew over Bill, and Andrew subsequently picked the single life over Jen, which left both of them free for their current relationship. also has a copy of Bill's audition tape for a reality TV dating show which was never produced, which it promises to make available online in the near future.

In the tape, Bill says that he is "all about looks" with regard to women (no Average Jane series for him...) .

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Michael's School (Orland Park) and graduated from Carl Sandburg High School. Rancic was hired at the conclusion of the 14-week job interview after Donald Trump selected him over finalist Kwame Jackson.but then again, Jen has already moved from the North Coast to the West Coast in the pursuit of true love, so we don't see why a move to the East Coast would be much different. New reporter Giuliana Rancic and her husband, "Apprentice" winner Bill Rancic, lead a whirlwind life.The tape eventually made its way into the hands of the Bachelor 3 producers, which is how Bill ended up in consideration for the role of the bachelor until the very end.We note that Jen may have traded in one Lothario for another.

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