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A better plan is to bring your laptop and find free wifi.You will not need a translator after that- google translate works quite well now. Here is some advice: If you have big dreams of dating someone 20 years younger than yourself, don't expect this to happen.Ten- even 15 years younger, ok as long as you are in great physical shape!You are an American or European so be aware that when you ask for a service from an agency, they will charge you a much higher price than they would to a Ukrainian. You have to read 15 messages before private contact info can be requested. If you try to chat with real women from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, etc.Ukrainian earn very very low wages, so try to accept this practice. If you fly into Kiev (Borispil) airport, the exchange rate is quite good. To get contact details of women you easily pay USD 75, just for one profile. You can find some of the women on social media like facebook, VK and twitter. you will find that they do not have this behaviour! Likely one of the industries that really perform in a bad economy. We can guarantee that the absolute majority of female profiles are real and verified members which is not possible on a free dating site.

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