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”) — Very funny story from Bush about being assaulted by inbred mountain people.

— I liked Tim’s uncalled-for scenario of Kitty Dukakis being raped and murdered.

— Kevin’s overall Subliminal Editorial tonight was thankfully an improvement over his surprisingly forgettable last one. — Cajunman’s routine is coming off as funny as always.

— Hmm, what was with the random ending to Cajunman’s commentary, with him saying an uncharacteristic “Have a very good Columbus Day”? — Overall, despite the frustration I expressed towards Kevin throughout this Update, he have a few really good jokes tonight, a solid Subliminal Editorial, and got some nice assistance from Adam’s reliable Cajunman routine (Kevin’s interactions with him are always fun too).

STARS: *** SINGLE WHITE PERSON androgynous Pat gets an obsessive roommate (MEH) — A very interesting, inspired, and fun change to the usual Pat format, crossing it over with the then-recent movie Single White Female.

— Some good laughs from Joe as the gay roommate, just because it’s Joe Pesci, of all people, playing the role (and he’s absolutely nailing it).

— Good to see Rock actually in a sketch this week, by the way, after his sullen attitude during the last episode’s goodnights when he wasn’t in any sketches that night.

I especially liked Farley’s emotional delivery of “But who will give me back my tooth?— Kevin’s Sam Donaldson going on and on to Clinton about redneck stereotypes is hilarious.(Clinton’s response: “I’m sorry, Sam, do you have a question?— Classy moment with Joe displaying the now-pasted-back-together Pope picture that Sinead tore up.— When going on about what he would’ve done to Sinead if she pulled that move on his show, I liked Joe’s line “I would’ve grabbed her by her… I’m Italian.” STARS: *** GREEN & FAZIO lawyer Barry Green (PHH) says you don’t have to be in an accident to sue — A solid satire of lawyer commercials, and excellent performance from Phil.

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