Audrey whitby and ross lynch dating

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I plod to the script room and notice no one else is here yet. "Nothing," I replied smiling at myself as we walked to the lunchroom. You think Ross will go to a party without his dear girlfriend?

I returned the smile and walked on ignoring the whispers. I walked right in but failed to realized (2)Audrey Whitby standing in there as well. Audrey had made hints at Ross but he was a little dense to realize it. As my thoughts went on, she kept glancing at me head to toe. We both knew it was her but she decided to make it extra obvious she was comparing.

She marched out of the room making the loudest noise from her heels."Well she took that well," Raini said sarcastically as Calum came back with a very broken phone.

I really love these guys."Calum, did Ross actually text you or was it like a fake message?

Also Joey Bragg stars as one of the younger brothers, Pete, and Tenzing Norgay Trainor stars as the other younger brother .

Benjamin King as Pete, their dad and basketball coach at their school.

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