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He wouldn’t give me his name because he said he didn’t work there. The elderly lady I was with purchased another empty cup for .39 plus tax. I have been to the Maitland Florida location 3 times to pick up chocolate chip bagels at about noon they are always out.I did tell them I would be writing to you and they said, “Go ahead, he will agree with us.” If this is the way you are running your business, I will never go to another Einstein Bros. If you have an email address I would be happy to send you a copy of the picture I took of both Jessica and the guy with no name. I have to drive about 5 miles to the next store to get them..

When I walked back closer to her she yelled I’ll get to you.

I asked for the manager and she said she was but her name tag said team leader.

I asked for a card to call corporate and se gave me a card with Phyllis Tylers name on it. Yesterday I watched the manager, Sarah, handle a particularly nasty individual… Sarah was kind, pleasant and conciliatory to this obnoxious lout, who complains and causes a scene every time he comes to the store.

I called the main customer service number when my order was 5 minutes late.

The rep called the manager, Abby, and said that Abby texted the delivery person.

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