Antique pillar dating

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The set comprising eight sidechairs and two armchairs, the shield shaped backs with shaped and pierced splats that have beautiful hand carved leaf swag and anthemion decoration.

The fantastic antique English set of ten mahogany shield back dining chairs of "Hepplewhite" design are circa 1880 in date and compliment the table perfectly.Acme Toy Company 1910-1930s Advance Doll & Toy Co 1950s Advertising Dolls 1893-1949 | 1950s-1970s Aetna Doll & Toy Co 1908-1925 Alexander Doll Face Molds Dolls 1923-1947 | 1948-1960s | 1970s Henri Alexandre Dolls 1889-1895 All Bisque Dolls 1860 Allied Grand Doll Mfg Co 1915-1960s Alma cloth dolls 1929-1933 Alt, Beck Gottschalck 1854-1930 - also called Porzellanfabrik von Alt Louis Amberg & Son 1878-1930 American Character Doll Co 1919-1968 Tressy 1963 American Doll Company 1912-1926 American Doll Makers 1796 Anili dolls 1948-1986 Max Oscar Arnold 1877-1931 Art Craft Toy Products 1918-1920 Arranbee 1922-1961 Arrow Plastics Industries 1940-1960s Arrow Skookum 1920-1950s Atlas Doll & Toy Company 1917-1930 Austria, Austrian Doll Makers & Marks Automata, Mechanical Dolls 1850-1900s Averill Georgene Hendren 1915-1965 Babs Walking Dolls 1917-1921 Bahr & Proschild 1871-1919 Fritz Bartenstein 1880-1905 Eugene Barrois 1842-1874 Beecher Baby cloth dolls 1893-1910 Beehler Arts Doll Co 1950s Belle Doll & Toy Corp.1952-1958 Belton Type Dolls 1870 CM Bergmann 1888-1931 Carl Bergner 1860-1930s Betsy Mc Call Dolls 1951-2000s Bible Doll Company 1948-1960s Fritz Bierschenk 1880-1930 Bild Lilli Doll & History 1955-1964 Bild Lilli Doll Clones Bing Brothers 1882-1932 Bisque Doll Menu 1777 Black Dolls Claude Joseph Blampoix Sr.Knowing distinguishing characteristics will help you weed out the phonies from the originals.Look over the clock, handling it carefully so you don't damage it.

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