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Barnes cuts a fine figure as Caspian - and with his swish Toni & Guy haircut and chiseled good looks it is easy to see why he was cast for the role.

Unfortunately, his acting skills leave more than a little to be desired and he's also given the unfortunate task of speaking in a Telmarine accent.

Skandar Keynes, probably the best actor among the Pevensie children, offers moments of intrigue as the bumbling but brave Edmund, but he is too often pushed to the sidelines so that Peter and Caspian can have another squabble about who's in charge of Narnia.

The pair's confrontations are undoubtedly the weakest moments in the movie, with Barnes and Mosely coming across like a pair of public school wallies kicking up a stink about who gets to captain the school rugga team.

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It's unlikely anyone will go home from the movie and dig out Lewis's original books or ask their parents for a Narnia pack-up box for Christmas.Adamson for the most part avoids twisting the movie into a elongated RE lesson, while simultaneously remaining faithful to the original text.It is only the return of Aslan for the movie's grand finale where the movie becomes slightly didactic and cloying, but even this is passable thanks to some nifty use of CGI. Lacking the sparkle and magic of Lewis's earlier text, it merely consists of a series of weakly-segued battles between the goodies and the baddies, which creates very little sense of empathy or tension.Tilda Swinton's brief cameo as the returning White Witch is perhaps too successful, making the audience pine for her to be brought back to life and inject a bit of sparkle.Her five minutes on screen are so sinister and chilling that they undermine Sergio Castellitto's turn as Miraz, whose attempts to look scary consist of shaking his beard and growling a bit.

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