An error occurred while updating the configuration time capsule

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You will now be taken to the ‘What do you want to do with this Airport Time Capsule’ screen.Pick ‘Create a new network’ and then click on the ‘next’ button The next screen allows you to personalize the Airport Time Capsule’s Base Station and the Wifi network of the Airport Time Capsule by allowing you to enter the network name.When I go thru the manual setup: I am asked to switch networks.I then chose I want Air Port Extreme to join my current network.

I get the following error message: An error occurred while updating the configuration.

You enter here the name you would like for your particular Wifi network. Give a name that is quick and easy for you to identify as the Wifi network and your Time Capsule base station when you connect your Mac and Apple devices to it later.

Create and verify the password you would like to assign to your Base Station and network.

Or find via spotlight search And start up the application.

Once in Airport Utility your Mac will see the Airport Time Capsule broadcasting, booted up and set up with a default name. If for some reason you’re unable to see the Time Capsule in this screen, then you can instead click on your Wifi symbol at the top of your desktop.

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