Alanon dating

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After the talk, other members have the opportunity to share.

They usually share how the talk relates to their own experience, but they may share other things, as well.

There are special groups for those who grew up in families where their parents were alcoholics.

Adult children of alcoholics often still suffer the effects of that type of childhood.

I appreciate the anonymity of our program and how my username might be misleading so I tried to change it - with no success.

I was reluctant to try this forum at first but let me say, I am grateful to have done it. At an alanon meeting, a member usually gives a short talk on one of the twelve steps and how it applies to his or her life.This is usually a member who has been involved with the program for some time.I'm a single mom (I'm in my 30s, my kid is a toddler) and am soon to be divorced from my qualifier. WOW, i wold LOVE an alanoner working a good program, but ya know???I haven't dated anyone since my ex and I split almost two years ago. maybe he is still getting on his feet, finding himself and maybe he doesn't feel he is ready yet......

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