Advice for non muslim dating a muslim

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One hears "horror stories" of such mixed marriages, but surely there must be happy marriages as well.

It is important, however, that she understand what she is doing.

There is, she said, a courtship period where the couple are accompanied by a chaperone on, say, a dinner.

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That's why he created a website and an app called 24At home, "there was no such thing as the words dating or relationships.It was just something that was non-existent," he recalls."That's a really promising solution where young, Muslim Americans can register to use these apps and then they can connect with each other on their own. In other words, she says, they are the ones making decisions about their future spouses, instead of a match-making grandmother or auntie. Shaikh recalls a conversation with a Muslim man who had signed up on 24He told Shaikh that he really liked the app and that he wants to get in touch with a couple of the women on it, but having lived in a conservative Muslim family, he said he didn't know how to write an email to a woman he didn't know."I said, listen, if you can't write an email to a girl, you can't get married to one," Shaikh says.

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