Adults with cri du chat

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Intellectual disability becomes more obvious as the child gets older.When someone with Cri Du Chat Syndrome grows into an adult, their reproductive organs are more developed and normal.These will also help determine how severe the disorder is.Treatment is difficult because there isn’t a real medication or surgery that can be performed to decrease the condition.Oddly slanted eyes are a symptom as well, in addition to being born with a low birth weight.Babies with Cri Du Chat syndrome will grow slowly and have oddly shaped ears.It is a small amount more common female babies than males.

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Constipation and dribbling are physical signs that the baby may have Cri Du Chat or another form of mental retardation.

Cri Du Chat syndrome is a condition in which a person is missing a portion of the chromosome number 5.

This condition is often considered bizarre, because it causes the baby affected to have a very high pitched wail that sounds exactly like a cat meowing or wailing while in heat.

Separated abdominal muscles and abnormally folded ears are also what physical exams may show.

As the child grows some symptoms and signs may lessen, others may become more severe.

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