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I just moved in.” He returned the greeting in a quiet manner, so I thought he was polite, and I got a good first impression from him.

After that first meeting, I gradually noticed that day by day he started leaving the apartment at the same time I did, and after a few months he was leaving at the same time as me for half the week.

Snot nosed, sticky fingered children are most definitely the best form of birth control.

Dirty, used grandma panties, high waisted briefs, fat suckers, and “waist control” shorts will ensure there will be no sex. Theses seven tips should help you keep your legs closed and your purity in tact.

He had small eyes and wore glasses, and his short black hair looked unkempt.

Seeing as our gaze met when we exited our apartments, I greeted him quietly with “Hello.

After the plushie incident, I talked to some trusted people about my situation and they told me what he was doing sounded like stalker behaviour.

Then I heard the sound of someone going through the trash, but I was so scared I didn’t dare open my door to confirm it.It was then that I became convinced there was something strange about him and this whole situation.I told him it wasn’t mine but he kept talking, so I pushed the stuffed toy back at him and closed the door.Our front doors were pretty close to each other, so whenever we saw each other, I felt I had to be polite and say hello to him.Sometimes he would try to start up some small talk, but it was nothing strange or out of the ordinary.

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