Aaron staton dating

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Jon said he's 6'1.5 and rounds up to 6'2, while David said he's 6'0.75 (like you've listed him at) and rounds up to 6'1.

A lot of celebs that you've listed on this site have been admiting to rounding up lately, and just proving you completely right.

said on 16/Jan/19He reminds a bit of Gandolfini heightwise (they’ve got totally different frames).

Both guys not even listed the full 6ft1 but many if not most would guess them as at least 6ft2-3 Rob, maybe the full 6ft1 is fair for both? Tennant generally doesn't stand tall but Rob confirms that he's near 6ft1 in person.

With Affleck he seems to hold his own just a teeny bit better than Henry Cavill... said on 6/Aug/18I think his height is range 184-186 cm.

Maybe he could be 185-186 cm in night but 187 cm and over is too tall for him. Both guy look same height said on 16/Jul/18Hamm only looks 1.5 inches max taller than Jimmy Fallon whenever they're together, sometimes you can't even notice the difference at all.

said on 27/May/18He does give a decently tall impression in Mad Men .said on 11/Apr/18Psychedelic Earth 187 said on 20/Jan/18 Underlisted by about half an inch..... Oh boy, I can't wait for this movie simply so we can get some definitive shots of those two together.said on 23/Feb/18Definitely does not pull off the look of a 6'2" guy.There are times when he looks far taller on talk shows than he looked at any time on Mad Men, to me, for instance. said on 18/Oct/17No he's easily over 6 foot, he can pretty much look 6ft1 most of the time.said on 17/Nov/17In pics standing beside 5’8 Vincent kartheiser (proven by Rob) Jon looks to be 2-3 inches taller making him only 5’10-5’11. He looks to me a well made and well postured 6ft0.75 guy who when stood tall will pull off looking 186 to people.

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