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A third option could be desperately seeking a parachute.If you had to give up smartphones and tablets or your big-screen TV, what would you do? Would you rather know it all or keep your peers in stitches?And how would you find your way back to familiar territory?What’s worth more — honor and prestige or cold, hard cash?Living in the past has its drawbacks, but it could be pretty sweet under the right circumstances. Here are 10 deep, but clean would you rather questions: What’s worse? However, the real glory happens when you can convince someone to switch to your side.Try to stay open-minded, and hear out your “opponent.”Don’t ask a deep, existential question to someone you just met (or a little kid for that matter). These would you rather questions are clean, so they tend to be pretty versatile.

They’re perfect for casual dinners, road trips, or just relaxing at home on the couch. Be careful with this question — it can spark some heavy conversations! Are achievements worth it if you can’t find personal fulfillment? They follow the classic “would you rather” format, but they can spark some seriously introspective conversations. You can also add new elements to the questions after they’ve been answered.

When it comes to would you rather questions, funny ones often lead to further hilarious conversations.

These are funny would you rather questions, clean and inoffensive, that give you the chance to come up with some creative answers. Adding your own personal touch can make these questions even more amusing.

These funny questions to ask should get you cracking up in no time.

Don’t rush your answers, and feel free to debate which answer is best.

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