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Also an Iroquoian-speaking people, the Tuscarora were accepted into what became the Six Nations.Other Iroquoian-speaking peoples, such as the Erie, Susquehannock, Huron (Wendat) and Wyandot, lived at various times along the St. In the American Southeast, the Cherokee were an Iroquoian-language people who had migrated to that area centuries before European contact. Those on the borders of their territory in the Great Lakes region competed and warred with the Haudenosaunee.

The League is governed by a Grand Council, an assembly of fifty chiefs or sachems, each representing one of the clans of one of the nations.Lawrence River area downstream to today's Montreal.French, Dutch and British colonists in both Canada and the Thirteen Colonies recognized a need to gain favor with the Iroquois people, who occupied a significant portion of lands west of colonial settlements.Lawrence Iroquoians, all independent peoples, spoke Iroquoian languages.In the larger sense of linguistic families, they are often considered Iroquoian peoples because of their similar languages and cultures, all culturally and linguistically descended from the Proto-Iroquoian people and language; but they were traditionally enemies of the nations in the Iroquois League.

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