11th grader dating 8th grader

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Are you an 8th grader curious about the SAT and ACT?

You might be surprised that you already have a lot of the skills you'll need to do well on these tests, and you're capable of picking up many more.

Some special programs for academically gifted and motivated students have application processes similar to those you'd undertake for college.

And just like with college applications, you'll want to achieve a strong score to be a competitive candidate for these programs.

That's because these tests are unique in the way they require strategy and time management skills.

Perhaps more immediate for many middle schoolers are the talent competitions and special programs that require the SAT/ACT as part of their application processes.

But what if the SAT/ACT is not required for you yet?

This means that with careful studying, you can avoid the pitfalls and arm yourself against these tricky maneuvers. It may require effort and focus, but every student is capable of improving their scores on these tests.

And because all of this careful studying takes time, starting early, like in 8th grade, may be the best way to reach your goals.

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